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Factors that impact child support awards in California

Many clients often ask how their income impacts child support, especially if one spouse is the primary breadwinner and the other has long been a stay-at-home parent. In cases such as this, the awarding of child support to the nonbreadwinner custodial parent is thought of as a way to even the playing field for parents with disparate incomes.

Situations in which a child support modification may be warranted

The noncustodial parent either loses his or her job or gets a promotion, has another child or receives a big inheritance. Or maybe the shared child starts starts attending a better school or begins participating in more expensive extracurricular activities. These are all examples of situations in which one or both parents may wish to see out modifications to a child support agreement.

When things change, revisit your child support order

Parents know that kids seem to change overnight. It can feel like they are babies who need parents for everything one second, and then you blink and they are filling out college applications. Parents also go through significant changes when they start new relationships, have more children or suffer personal losses.

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